Losing Weight Via the IVIM Health Program: You Can Do It!

When you’ve tried everything to lose weight, you haven’t tried Nextmed weight loss. This newest program combines all of the components of successful weight loss into a single program. To best understand how IVIM works, you need to understand what went into this program.

The Studies

The many research studies conducted on human weight loss and maintaining said weight loss has contributed to creating something that delivers lasting results. A big part of this discovery is that humans have fluctuating hormones. These hormones prevent you from losing weight, which is even more true the older you get. Trying to just exercise and eat less doesn’t really work unless you do something to disrupt the hormones’ fluctuations.

That is where the injectable medications in this program come in. You may be prescribed one or both of these medications to help deter hunger and reduce cravings. They are medications that have already been tested and are currently on the market to treat diabetes and insulin resistance. Delivered intramuscularly at home per the instructions, you will begin to notice a change in your eating habits.

Change the Eating Habits, Change the Exercise Habits

Another big issue with diets is that some forms of exercise just aren’t enough. IVIM Health understands that you don’t have hours to spend in a gym, and getting up early or staying up late to exercise just isn’t in your plans. IVIM teaches you to exercise smarter, not harder or more than is necessary. With reduced appetite from the medicines, reduction in eating habits, and exercising smarter, the weight begins to peel off.


Accountability is another factor in successful weight loss. It’s hard to hold yourself accountable unless you have enormous amounts of self-discipline. IVIM incorporates regular telehealth visits with your specialist and an app you have to open every day and use to record program completion. In this way, you stay on track and can see where you fell by the wayside.

Supplements for Health and Energy

Even with the best-laid intentions, you may feel tired or just not eating very well. IVIM offers and includes supplements that boost energy and fill in the nutritional blocks you miss every day. Order them as part of your plan, and they should arrive about the same time as your injections.

Setting Reachable Goals

Too many dieters stare at a huge goal (e.g., 100 pounds) and quit because they are overwhelmed. You can’t do it this way. You have to acknowledge that smaller goals reached are better. Start with a five-pound loss for the first month. That doesn’t seem like much, but your excess weight didn’t collect in a single month, either. If you reach your first goal, or you reach it early, set the next one. It’s akin to reaching for a rung on a ladder and continuing to reach for the next rung.

It Will Work If You Do the Work

A program is only as good as the effort you put into it. Start now and see a different you a year from now. Start by going here.