The Right Protein Mix You Can Have

Creatine, a supplement used to aid in promoting muscle growth and enhancing athletic performance, is often found in the form of a flavorless powder. Powdered creatine is also available, and it has no discernible taste. However, you’ll learn that the best way to mix creatine is with liquids like water, juice, or smoothies, potentially transforming it into a nutritious snack.

Creatine may give you extra energy during exercises and help you gain muscle whether you take it in high doses for a short time or low doses for a long time. This is the case regardless of how long you decide to take it.

Creatine may be mixed with a variety of healthy beverages, including fruit juices, protein shakes, and smoothies, to improve the taste and overall quality of the experience. So what to mix with protein?

Use Water to Accompany It

It’s not hard to guess that mixing creatine powder with water and downing it before you hit the gym would be the easiest and most hassle-free approach. If you want to take creatine for a short amount of time to give yourself an energy boost during a heavy lifting phase, MedlinePlus suggests taking around 20 grams of creatine each day for up to a week. Reducing your dose to a more reasonable level is crucial if you wish to take it for a long length of time, ranging from two to ten grams per day for a few weeks.

Consuming a protein shake before a meal might help curb your appetite.

A study published in January 2018 in Sports Health suggests that creatine, an osmotic substance, may promote water retention. If you have this illness, your muscles will soak up water from your bloodstream, which might produce a temporary weight gain. In addition, heat exhaustion, dehydration, and muscle cramps are more likely to occur.

Blend into smoothies and liquids as you see fit.

You can get the carbohydrates and nutrients you need from a variety of juices and smoothies, and they could even give you a little more pep in your step. Creatine in water may not be doing it for you, so try it in other drinks.

When mixing creatine with juice, it’s best to utilize juice that has been freshly squeezed and hasn’t been sweetened in any way. Cold-pressed juices are readily available nowadays, and they may supply you with the vitamins and minerals you would receive from eating fresh fruits and vegetables without the high sugar content of commercially prepared juices.

If you’re going to drink juice with creatine, it should be one that’s rich in nutrients. You may purchase freshly squeezed juice, or you can create your own using a juicer or a blender. Harvard Health states that fresh juices retain more of the nutrients present in fruits and vegetables. In contrast to snacking on a single fruit like an apple, your vitamin intake will be maximized if you throw a variety of fruits and vegetables into a blender. This is because the foods will be crushed in the blender, making them easier to digest.


However, keep in mind that juice does have certain drawbacks that should not be ignored. It has the potential to raise blood sugar levels since it contains less fiber than the whole fruit or vegetable and more sugar than a single fruit.