Going for a mammogram screening: Know these facts

When it comes to breast health, mammograms are relevant. There are numerous myths surrounding breast cancer screening, and many women continue to believe that mammograms can cause problems to the breasts, which is not true. Women between the age of 40 and 44 can choose to go for screening mammograms as suggested by their doctors, while it is advisable to go for annual mammograms after the age of 50, especially those who are at a higher risk. If you want to book an appointment, click here now. For your help, we are discussing some essential facts about mammograms below.

  • Mammography is accurate: If you have a lump or other symptoms, your doctor will typically suggest a mammogram, which remains a reliable way of early breast cancer detection. If there is something unusual in the report, your doctor may recommend that you go for additional tests, such as a biopsy.
  • Mammograms don’t require a long time: If you are wondering whether you have to take a day off to do a mammogram, remember that there is no downtime. In fact, the appointment is usually over within 30 minutes, and there is no additional preparation required.
  • Mammograms don’t hurt: While the technician will have to press your breasts against the plate of the mammogram machine to take images, the procedure is not painful. You may feel slightly uncomfortable, but this shouldn’t last for more than a couple of minutes. It is best to avoid the test a week before your period date as your breasts could be tender.
  • A screening mammogram is different: The two classifications for mammograms are diagnostic and screening. The latter is done when the patient doesn’t have any symptoms of breast cancer, while a diagnostic mammogram takes more detailed images of the breasts. Your doctor may recommend a 3D mammogram if they want better pictures.
  • Radiation is not a massive concern for most patients: Yes, your body is exposed to a small amount of radiation during a mammogram, but exposure is not something to worry about. As long as you choose a reliable facility for the screening, you don’t have much to worry about.

Final word

If you have been advised to go for a screening mammogram, make sure to take your doctor’s recommendation on priority. The procedure is simple and can save your life. Mammography is highly effective in preventing complications related to breast cancer, especially when done at the right time.