Is It Reliable to Consult a Dermatologist Online?

Shopping for clothes, groceries, etc., online can seem like a convenient option. But when someone suggests seeking medical guidance online, we usually have a confused look – which for many reasons is an obvious and expected reaction.

However, times have changed, and technology has taken over for good. It is not every day that we have enough time on our schedule and energy within us to make an appointment with a dermatologist and actually visit the clinic to obtain the treatment. At such times, consulting a dermatologist online proves to be the best way out.

Well, we understand you may have various queries popping up in your mind already.

So, sit back and dive into this blog to determine how, what, and every other aspect of consulting a dermatologist online.

How does the online dermatologist consultation work?

Most people consult a dermatologist online during an emergency and urgent situation. You can either raise the questions you have or upload pictures of your allergy/rash or skin condition to request for better examination.

Based on the mode of contact you choose, you can expect to receive immediate advice or second opinions on the issue you are facing.

Here are some ways through which you can consult a dermatologist online

  • Email – You can list out your problem in the email and even attach pictures for the expert to examine. Once the examination is done, the dermatologist will reply with treatment medications and options.
  • Online chat – Websites that only deal with online medical consultations have a chat option that allows you to immediately connect with the experts. You can ask questions, send images and receive real-time answers and solutions for your skin condition.
  • Application – You can even use the application suggested by the service provider to book an online slot with the dermatologist of your choice. Such apps make it possible to have a full-fledged conversation with the doctor through chats or video calls.
  • Video calling – In case the doctor is required to directly see the problem, he/she may suggest for video calling consultation. Video consultation is somewhat similar to visiting an expert in person.
  • Phone call – If you feel chat or email won’t help in conveying everything, you can speak directly through a phone call. This way, you can clearly communicate the issues.

Benefits of consulting a dermatologist online

  • Gives flexibility of time and location
  • Get response for the issue within 24 hours maximum
  • Select language as per your preference to receive the advice
  • Save money and time
  • Discreet and secure

When should you consult a dermatologist online?

  • You want quick and urgent advice for your skin concerns
  • You have a busy schedule to actually visit the doctor in-person
  • You find it difficult to share details with medical professionals in-person
  • You need a second opinion for your skin concern

Over to you

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