What to Expect When Choosing Between a Root Canal and a Tooth Extraction

There are many misconceptions about root canals and extractions. Both dental care procedures now have a bad reputation due to falsehoods. In terms of safeguarding your oral health, reducing the spread of microorganisms, and averting future dental problems, each therapy is realistically appropriate in specific circumstances. Continue reading to learn more about a really good dentist in Hollywood, FL.

How Do Root Canals Work?

An infected tooth’s damaged pulp, nerves, and connective tissues are removed during an endodontic operation called a root canal. The dentist will penetrate the pulp of the tooth and eliminate microorganisms from the infection-ridden root canal using specialized tools throughout the procedure. Gutta-percha is used to fill the tooth’s roots after they have been cleaned and sterilized in order to keep bacteria out.

How Much Time Does a Root Canal Need?

To guarantee that all of the diseased tissue gets eliminated before capping the tooth during root canal therapy, the dentist must be extremely precise. Depending on the type of tooth impacted, it might be anything from straightforward to complicated. This then impacts the duration of the procedure. 

A molar, for instance, has more canals than the front tooth. This lengthens the time required to sanitize and clean the canals. One tooth may require between one and three hours of treatment. 

Tooth Extraction

A tooth extraction entails entirely removing the tooth (crown and root) instead of a root canal, which preserves a piece of your original tooth.

When is it Necessary to Extract a Tooth?

Although a dentist’s ultimate goal is to preserve your natural tooth, tooth extractions are occasionally essential. The following are some causes of tooth extractions:

  • A congested mouth requires making space.
  • Getting ready for orthodontics
  • Taking away contaminated mouth ware
  • lowering the likelihood of infection
  • preventing issues in the future, such as impacted wisdom teeth

Does a Tooth Extraction or a Root Canal Make More Sense?

Your ultimate goal should be to preserve your natural teeth. Your dentist will work to save your tooth wherever possible. Your jaw bone remains healthy, and the surrounding teeth are kept in place by at least preserving the root in place and employing a restoration to reinforce the compromised natural tooth. Future issues like bone loss, gum disease, and shifting teeth are avoided as a result.

With a high success rate for saving your tooth, root canal therapy eliminates microorganisms from your mouth.