Various Plasmolifting PRP Techniques

Platelet-Rich Plasma, or PRP, is a medicinal process that was first utilized about three decades ago. In recent years, doctors have started using it to treat a wide range of urological, generative, and gynaecologic diseases. The most important of the many possible causes for this is that platelets, a vital component of human blood, are at the centre of PRP medical treatment. Therefore, this method does not require the use of drugs, invasive surgery, or expensive medical equipment.

Only the patient’s blood is used to extract the platelet-rich plasma, which is then administered to the injured areas. Platelets’ healing abilities are then gradually activated, allowing the treated area of the body to once again function normally and to its full potential. The only thing to keep in mind is to use a good-quality test tube and other PRP kits.

Plasmolifting World provides PRP-tubes made in Italy. They are easy to use and non-toxic. Their test tubes are used by millions of doctors for several treatment methods. Dr. Akhmerov’s Plasmolifting Technologies is used for several services provided by Plasmolifting World.

They only use and advise using medical supplies and apparatus that adhere to all internal technical requirements established by the Plasmolifting PRP method developers based on their expertise and knowledge, as well as all regulatory compliance requirements for medical device manufacturing and circulation set forth by European countries.

Types of PRP Methods

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Autologous Native Blood Plasma

An autologous blood-derived biological therapy called platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is claimed to supply supraphysiologic concentrated quantities of growth factors and alternative signal molecules locally at the site of tissue injury, speeding up the body’s healing processes. Due to its biological characteristics, this therapy achieved widespread acceptance across a variety of modern medical fields, with the strongest levels of proof in the field of sports medicine, wound healing, and hair regeneration.

Gel Therapy (Plasmogel)

Plasmolifting gel therapy, which is made by heating autologous plasma, can also be used for cosmetic procedures. Deep wrinkles, facial flaws, and regaining the youthful contour of the face can all be treated using minimally invasive, non-traumatic gel medical therapy. The Plasmolifting gel is an additional step in Plasmolifting and is used in cosmetic medicine to treat wrinkles and grooves and to accentuate the lips, chin, cheekbones, and jawline.

Plasmogel is injected into a variety of locations, including the hands, feet, neck, neckline, and face. By producing growth factors, which are crucial for the proliferation and maturation of healthy dermal cells like elastin and collagen, plasma helps in skin rejuvenation. Skin that has been treated may appear younger, smoother, more sculpted, and plumper.

Plasmolifting Powder 

PRP issues such as a lack of standardization, inconsistent results between trials, and recording machine dose can be resolved by using a lyophilized, character rich PRP powder made by pooling and processing several PCs. The new PRP powder opens new possibilities for patient treatment as well as PRP analysis. By using a specific number of PRP powders, doctors can use a specified amount of growth factors by preparing pooled PRP through evaporation. Additionally, PRP powder, a dry substance that doesn’t require any activity, can become widely available, saving time and staff resources during clinical observation.

PRP therapy in any form is reliable, secure with effective results. Try any PRP method, but before blood extraction, follow your doctor’s instructions for a safe therapy method.