Should I Grow a Sativa Strain?

Cannabis sativa and indica are the most well-known varieties of cannabis. There are several distinct features between the two varieties, and there are advantages to growing each of them. Sativa plants grow much taller and have bigger yields as well. While cannabis indica is known for its extreme psychoactive effects, sativa strains are much preferred for recreational use. 

There are several reasons why growers prefer a sativa strain. Some of these reasons are listed here. 

  1. Great for growing outside

If you live in a hot, sunny, and humid environment, you can easily grow sativa seeds outside. You may even plant them in your garden alongside other plants because they are adapted to this environment. 

These plants do not have too many requirements. You can easily grow them in garden soil and leave the plants to grow on their own without too much intervention. Occasional trimming and regular watering are enough to keep these plants healthy. 

  1. Highly resistant

Sativa strains are known to be resilient and strong plants. When you Buy Sativa Seeds Online, you can be sure that they are resistant to mold and certain plant infections. These plants can also withstand extreme weather conditions such as heavy rain and extreme sun. 

These plants can grow quite tall, so you may need to add some support to keep the plants upright in the later stages. Otherwise, heavy wind can easily break the branches. 

  1. Higher yields 

When you buy sativa seeds online, you can expect to get much higher yields compared to indica strains. Sativa plants need at least three to four more weeks to complete flowering than indica plants. Since it takes longer, it can also produce bigger colas with stickier trichomes. 

Not every sativa strain has high yields, as the buds are airy and thin in shape. However, each plant can produce many flowers, thus increasing the overall yield. 

  1. Great for medicinal use

Indica sativa strains have lower THC and CBD levels than indica strains. But the balanced cannabinoid levels are great for medicinal usage. Sativa flowers can help reduce chronic pain symptoms and help you feel more energized. These flowers are also great for reducing anxiety and depression symptoms. 

Many people also like to use sativa flowers for recreational purposes. It produces a mild high and helps you become more creative. 

To conclude 

Cannabis sativa has a longer flowering time than indica, but this helps grow bigger flowers and produce better yields. Sativa strains grow well in a tropical climate with lots of sun and humidity, so you should always grow sativa strains outside. 

If you are interested in growing a cannabis sativa strain, you can buy sativa seeds online from Weed Seeds USA today to get started.