6 Facts To Know Before You Buy Rhodiola Rosea

For many people, the Rhodiola Rosea represents a medicinal plant that can help them live a better life. This rarely available medicinal plant is known for its anti-inflammatory properties and is natively grown in the forest regions of Asia and Europe. It offers the mind and body several benefits. While it is always best to ask a health practitioner before you buy rhodiola rosea, knowing a few important facts about it puts you in the right direction.

#1: Where Does Rhodiola Rosea Originate from?

The plant belongs to the medicinal plant category of Rosea genera that originates in the high mountainous regions of Russia, Mongolia, China, Iceland, Finland, Norway, Tibet, and Sweden. When you buy the Rhodiola Rosea, make sure you buy from a trusted supplier who sources the plants from the native areas they grow in.

#2: Used for Anxiety and Fatigue

The adaptogenic properties of the roots of the Rhodiola Rosea are known for reducing anxiety and fatigue. It has been used for centuries to reduce fatigue in persons who are experiencing symptoms of tiredness. Its anti-anxiety properties are reported to be similar in value to several pharmaceutical anti-anxiety medicines available and are hence preferred by people looking for natural medications.

#3: Increases Stamina and Performance

Rhodiola Rosea has also been reported to increase stamina and performance in athletes and sportspersons. Its track record for efficacy and performance will take you through centuries when medieval men used it after a day of hard labor. It also promotes healing which makes wounds easier to recover from.

In present times, it increases your performance in the gym and while working out.

#4: May Help People Love Longer

While conclusive studies are yet to be conducted on the subject, reports suggest that populations who have used the medicinal plant and its products for generations live longer. Consuming a liquid extract can have the effect of increasing one’s lifespan. This is often attributed to the adaptogen properties it has which seek to relieve the body of stress and fatigue.

Chronic stress and fatigue can result in the body and mind aging sooner and be the root cause of many illnesses. When stress and fatigue are managed better, it can lead to a longer lifespan.

#5: The Way It Works

Before you buy the extract, knowing how it works may shed more light on its benefits. Studies have shown that it has effects not just on the systemic level in the human body, but also on the cellular mechanism. The anti-stress effects of the plant are attributed to the release of cortisol in the human body under stressful conditions.

#6: Multiple Names

Rhodiola Rosea has many other names including Artic Roots and Golden Roots. This is because of the amazing benefits the roots of the plant have. It is also known as Rosavin, Rhodiola, and others.

You can use Rhodiola liquid extract as a daily preventive medication against stress and fatigue. It is always advisable to speak to your health practitioner before consuming it. At Hawaii Pharm, get a non-alcoholic liquid extract of the wonder plant. They have high-quality natural products available.