How to Provide Aid to Teething Babies

Teething babies often experience pain. While your baby might be suffering from pain, you must be dealing with the constant crying and irritation your baby goes through. Seeing your child like that cannot be easy, so if you feel helpless, you must try a way to help ease the gums’ sensitivity and lessen the baby’s pain. As a parent, your top priority is providing comfort to your child and ensuring they are always happy. However, the teething process in a baby’s life brings a lot of pain and discomfort. 

If you have a teething baby and are unsure how to manage their pain or discomfort, contact a Cumming, GA pediatric dentist as soon as possible and get your baby the help they need. A pediatric dentist has years of experience handling teething babies and can ensure you relieve your child’s pain as much as possible. 

Tips to provide aid to teeth babies 

  • Get them something frozen. 

You can give them something cold to chew on to relieve the baby’s swollen gums and pain. This will soothe the discomfort and ensure your baby is less cranky and troubled than before. This trick is one of the oldest ways to relieve teething babies and works phenomenally for most children. 

You can give your baby a frozen cloth, cold fruit, or any food item that is their favorite. Just ensure to freeze it before you give them to chew it, and you can repeat this multiple times a day. This method is a natural remedy that is convenient for everyone to perform at home and does not require additional items. 

  • Give your baby a gentle gum massage. 

A baby’s gums are anyway more sensitive than adults. However, they become much more sensitive during the teething process as new teeth emerge, and the baby might feel irritation along with the pain. In such a situation, you can give your baby a gentle massage on their gums until it releases some irritation and your baby’s pain is relieved for some time. 

Ensure to repeat this process every few hours for the best results. Giving frequent gum massages to your baby will strongly impact the discomfort caused by teething and ensure your baby experiences the least amount of pain. 

  • Give them a sippy cup. 

If you have tried everything but nothing works with your little one. You can give them a sippy cup for which they can sip cold water to reduce the pain. While it might not provide drastic results, it will help the baby, and you sleep for extended hours at night.